Legal Services in Indonesia

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Legal Services in Indonesia



Legal Research
We research laws and regulations related to your businesses in Indonesia and advise you how to do business lawfully.
Draft and review of Agreements
There are some unique checkpoints in Indonesian agreement. We draft and review various agreements such as sales and purchase, license, consignment of operations as well as work regulations of Indonesian company.
Establishment of Indonesian Company (PMA)
It is required to establish a limited liability company (PMA: Penanaman Modal Asing) in principle when foreign investors do business in Indonesia. We assist to set up PMA with appropriate licenses to smoothly do business in Indonesia. We also handle to make various representative offices (Kantor Perwakilan Perusahaan Asing, etc.).
Labor matter
Indonesian labor law is provided in favor of employees. In case employers terminate employment agreements with employees, the employers must comply with the strict procedure based on labor law. It is better for employers to consult with experts in advance.
Dispute Resolution
We represent clients in negotiations and lawsuits arising under Indonesian law. We have a great deal of experience handling and solving cases including collections, labor issues, real estate issues, cases related to Companies Act and much more.
M&A, and/or Organizational Restructuring
We assist M&A (Amalgamation, Transfer of Business etc.) and/or reorganization. We propose the scheme of transaction, do due diligence and perform legal procedures regarding M&A and/or organizational restructuring.
Corporate Dissolution & Withdrawal Services
We provide corporate dissolution & withdrawal services. When the investors withdraw from Indonesian business, we propose appropriate measures including transfer of share, liquidation or bankruptcy and assist their withdrawal.
Export and Import Regulation
We research Indonesian import and export regulations and advise how to utilize Japan-Indonesia Economic Partnership Agreement (JIEPA) and Japan ASEAN Comprehensive Economic Partnership (AJCEP) and how to solve the problem.
Investment Fraud
We scrutinize the investment scheme including the possibility of collection of investment money from the legal and compliance perspective.


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